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The originally equipped alloy wheel in your car might be Borbet now. Producing 16 Million alloy wheels a year, Borbet, No.1 brand in Europe supplies enormous amount of wheels for the major car manufacturers around the world as OEM.

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Among the huge amount of alloy wheels competing the meaninglessly too much design our final decision is high strength and light, stress-distribution excellent pure six-spoke design by pursuing the best balance between the car body and …

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AGA is a product which has both the European culture and tradition, and basic function of alloy wheels taken into consideration. AGA was born from the very unique point of view compared with the existing after-market alloy wheels.

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MINILITE was born in 1960’s, the genesis of Motor Sport, in England. In the rally and many other sport scenes MINILITE has performed greatly which has become a glorious history and now it is recognized as …

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ruote marchesini

ruote marchesini

ruote marchesini ,forged wheels desinged by one of the most notable sport wheel designer , provides light weight solution as well as high quality standard manyfactured by the global forged wheel manufacture.

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TAS CORPORATION: Designing and producing alloy wheels