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What's BORBET?

The reason why BORBET is accepted worldwide

Germany, known as one of the best industrial countries. Above all the automotive related products are excellent and fascinating, attracting people all over the world. Also Autobahn is there, which is famous for its no speed limit.?

Today, although the 250km/h limit has been established there you can still see even taxis driving at 190km/h as before, and the situation in outskirts remains unchanged. In winter it becomes a very harsh circumstance for cars in a way with the great amount of snow melting agent. Naturally, alloy wheel products must comply with the quality standard for this tough circumstance.? In Germany BORBET has started the top ranked sales in the last few years in the alloy wheel after sales market. In other words it is the most reliable product in the market. OEM for the world famous car manufacturers and deep acceptance in after sales market. Backed up by this performance BORBET is the true German representative alloy wheel.


Centered in Germany, operating at 7 sites around the world Borbet Group, the growing company

During more than 120 years since the establishment Borbet has been expanding their production sites to grow, and recently the expansion has been seen not only in Germany but also to the world.

Starting from Hesbon and expanding to Medebach and Solingen, and Borbet established the most updated and biggest factory in Thuringen. In addition, Borbet set off to South Africa and Alabama State, USA, expansion scale became the worldwide level as a whole group. Of course, it has not just been expanding but the quality has also been improving. It is obvious if you see its products. And the policy towards the product has not changed from the past until now.
Production sites
Borbet/Hesbon Borbet/Hesbon
Borbet/Medebach Borbet/Medebach
Borbet/Thulingen Borbet/Thulingen
Borbet/Solingen Borbet/Solingen
AGG/Austry AGG/Austry
Borbet/South Africa Borbet/South Africa
Borbet/Alabama State, USA Borbet/Alabama State, USA



Advanced automatic machining system And the human power collaborates for fastidious manufacturing

As a manufacturer, its fastidious attitude should be shown at the production lines the most. It is not an exception for Borbet. In its huge factory almost all the production lines are automatic. It is for the mass production with the stable quality, but it is also for the best safety for the workers in there. It is a specutaclar to see the alloy wheels being produced systematically. Starting from the selection of aluminum material, casting, X-ray inspection, size check with the special equipment, etc, its quality control is carried out in a perfect way. Continuing to the heating process to strengthen up, adjusting the balance from every angles, with oven process, silver painting, and clear coating, 3 layer high grade surface structure giving the best durability, and so on, there are countless points of fastidious attitude towards manufacturing. But it is not only depending on the total automation, but also the human skill covers the important parts one by one. This is just like Borbet who cares the personal sense, emotion deeply. Those fastidious attitude, philosophy, policy as a manufacturer collaborating one another reflected in the products all result the acceptance of the car manufacturers and after sales market worldwide.



Supplying OEM for the world famous car manufacturers

Borbet is the biggest wheel manufacturer in Europe supplying for BMW, VolksWagen, Mercedez Benz, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Ford, Volvo, Peugeot and all other major European manufacturers. Supplying for car manufacturers is not an easy thing to achieve. Because of its high standard required by them.

Borbet alloy wheel could meet this standard so that it has been able to continue to supply OEM. Learing high technology and quality from the OEM supply , Borbet also supplies the same quality for the after sales market.



The perfect quality control which meets the strict standard worldwide

Europe is known as the place with strict quality standard and environmental measure. Among those counntries, Germany is one of the most strict countries. Borbet, surrounded by this strict standard, has been approved by TUV, the European quality standard, and ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and some other quality standards.

It chooses the best aluminum materials, and continues to control the products from all the aspects such as strength, balance, and paint also during the production. Although the production is automation the quality control is done one by one.
All plants are certified according to ISO / TS 16949,ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
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The Borbet History
2008 Grouped “ATS-Alabama Inc.” USA. Established “Borbet Alabama Inc.”
2004 Grouped “SRF” France
2003 Started construction of a new factory in Thulingen, Germany. Grouped “AWI” Port Elizabeth, South Africa to be Borbet South Africa Factory.
2001 Grouped “Kronprinz” Solingen, Germany
1998 Started construction of a new factory in Medebach, Germany
1996 Grouped “AAG” Austry. Started supplying OEM for major car manufacturers
1989 Grouped “CW” Munich, Germany
1977 Started light alloy wheel production
1962 Established the headquarters in Hesbon, Hallenberg, Germany
1928 Started aluminum casting and expanded production
1881 Gustav Borbet established “Borbet” the brass foundry


TAS CORPORATION: Designing and producing alloy wheels